Watermain Replacement Program

The 2021 Watermain Replacement Program involves the replacement of watermain segments along Mullady Parkway, Winners Circle, Walnut Street and Oak Street.  Eight (8) competitive contractor bids were received and opened on Thursday, July 1, 2021 for the project.    Mauro Sewer Construction was awarded the watermain replacement contract on July 13, 2021.  

Work is anticipated to commence on August 30th along Mullady Parkway.  The project will begin on Mullady & Winners Circle, and will then advance to Walnut Street and Oak Street subsequently as the project advances.  Residents along each street will receive notices before work commences within their neighborhoods, as well as at any points during the project where access and/or water service may be interrupted. 

The Village has obtained the services of Gewalt Hamilton Associates (GHA) to perform construction oversight.  Chuck Bodden with GHA is the Village’s representative for this project and will be on-site on a daily basis.  Chuck can be reached at (847) 344-4501 should residents have any questions or concerns during the project.

Map:  2021 Watermain Replacement Program