Summer 2023 - Reclaimed Artisans, Inc.

In the Summer 2023 edition, Mayor Johnson heard from Eric Struif, Owner of Reclaimed Artisans Inc.

ReclaimedArtisans302 Peterson Road | | 224-433-6210 


When did your business first open in Libertyville?
"Reclaimed Artisans Inc. opened to the public in December 2017. "

What led you to open your business?
"I had been in the trades most of my career and starting making wood American flags after my son went into the Army. I then started painting furniture and before I knew it I had a business I wanted to continue at. The store kind of happened by mistake. I was going to open a much smaller store and found so many local artisans needed a space to sell the things they made.

Reclaimed2Who currently owns and operates the business?
"My wife Lisa and I, along with a few dealers, currently operate the store."

What attracted you to and has kept you in Libertyville? 
"Libertyville was where worked during my career and it always had a place in my heart. The community is family-oriented and the [village] staff is great."

What unique product or service does your business offer?
"Reclaimed Artisans Inc. offers a variety of vintage, antique,  handmade, and repurposed home décor. We have a great group of dealers here at the store."


The Mayor's Business Brief as featured in the Summer 2023 Village Views