Levels of Service and Priorities

Street System

Each street in the Village has a designation as a priority one, two or three street. 

Priority One: Defined as arterials, collectors, emergency routes and school routes (on school days). These streets receive more frequent plowing and/or additional deicers applied, primarily due to heavier traffic volumes. Under most conditions, these streets are plowed curb to curb and deicers applied before priority two streets begin.

Priority Two: Residential, non-primary routes (includes cul-de-sacs) which typically do not have heavy traffic volumes. Generally cleared after the priority one streets are complete. Snow is plowed curb to curb.

Priority Three: Alleys are cleared toward the end of snow events.


Sidewalks are plowed, shoveled or snow blown by the Parks Department and Public Works Department. Sidewalk clearing/deicing usually begins as snow starts to accumulate and continues on an as needed basis pending the availability of Village

Parking Lots

Snow plowing of various public, commuter and Parks Department parking lots is performed by a contractor hired by the Village. Snow plowing of the lots is usually completed during the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 within the 24 hour period when there is minimal traffic and cars parked. 
Downtown Sidewalks & Parking Lots done by Village Staff For a larger view of the map, place your cursor on top of the map, a magnifying glass will show in place of the cursor and you can scroll the magnifying glass to make the map larger.